Thrasher Family Association Bylaws

Adopted May 2005; revised May 21, 2016 and May 5, 2019

While originally founded by the southern branch of the Thrasher family who were primarily descended from John Thrasher and Ruth Cloud, today all Thrashers are welcome in the association, as well as those interested in Thrasher research.
Since this association’s purpose is to foster knowledge of previous generations while promoting friendship and kinship among current generations, organizational structure should be minimal.
The following bylaws define that structure:

1.    Meetings shall be held annually at the Thrasher Family Association Reunion to elect officers and consider any other business.  Only dues-paying members may vote at these meetings.

 2.     Officers shall consist of a chairman, vice-chairman, recording secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer and membership ambassador.  These six officers shall serve as an advisory committee.  Terms shall be for one year, with elections held at the annual Thrasher Family Association reunion.  There shall be no term limit restrictions.

 3.     At each reunion, sites for the next reunion will be decided and volunteers sought to coordinate arrangements.  A contribution of up to $500.00 in association’s funds can be paid to those volunteers as an “honorarium” to offset any expenses connected with the reunion.

4.     The chairman shall preside at the annual meeting and with other officers shall have the power to appoint any working committee that may be necessary from time to time.  In the absence of the chairman, the vice-chairman will preside at the annual meeting. 

5.     The recording secretary shall take minutes at the annual meeting and at any meeting of the advisory committee.  These minutes shall be published in the association’s newsletter. 

6.     The treasurer shall be responsible for receiving dues payments and depositing same in the association’s account, and from said association account shall pay any bills incurred by the association and shall present an annual report to the membership.  As voted on May 5, 2019, the treasurer shall have the authority to approve and pay any obligation totaling $200.00 or less and to pay any obligations greater than $200.00 previously approved by the membership. Requested or suggested projects with a total cost of greater than $200.00 shall be presented to the membership at the annual meeting and shall be approved by at least 60% majority of those dues-paying members in attendance.

 7.     As voted on May 5, 2019, the Membership Ambassador shall be responsible for maintaining the membership list, sending postcards annually to remind members of dues payments, and following up on inquiries and possible new members. 

8.     The fiscal year shall be from July 1 to June 30.  Dues to the association shall be $20.00 per year unless a change is voted upon at an annual meeting.  Each membership shall include a subscription to the Thrasher Family Newsletter, a copy of the year’s membership list, and access to the Thrasher Family Association website.