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November 2016: Vol.34 No.4

July 2016:            Vol. 34 No.3

May 2016:          Vol. 34 No. 2

February 2016:   Vol.34.No.1

August 2015:       Vol.33 No.3

May 2015:            Vol.33 No.2

March 2015:         Vol.33 No.1

December 2014:  Vol.32 No.4

August 2014:       Vol. 32 No 3

May 2014:            Vol. 32 No 2

February 2014:     Vol 32 No 1

December 2013:   Vol 31 No 4

August 2013:         Vol 31 No 3

April 2013:            Vol 31 No 2

December 2012:    Vol 31 No 1

September 2012:  Vol 30 No 4

December 2011:    Vol 30 No 1

August 1987:     Vol 6 No 1

13 Responses to Newsletters

  1. Bill Thrasher says:

    Thanks for your efforts on the webpage for the Thrasher family Association.
    We have been members for about six years. We wish you much success on the website.
    Bill and Juanita Thrasher of Live Oak, FL

  2. Jodie T Thrasher says:

    Have just today stumbled on your new web page and I think it is outstanding! I have been a member for about 20 years but only able to make about 8 reunions usually due to family health problems. For a long time I was the only member from the old Rev War veteran George Thrasher line but was made to feel welcome by all. George was also from North Carolina according to his War Service records. He came to Georgia about 1775 with the Quakers from North Carolina and requested land next to a Jackson who was a miller in North Carolina. Jodie Thrasher

  3. The web site is a terrific idea.
    Don and I are looking forward to our 2nd Thrasher Association reunion in June.
    I am descended from the “southern Thrashers” (DNA), and still searching for the missing link.
    Thank you all for your hard work and dedication in making Thrasher Family Association an impressive wealth of information through some awesome folks.

  4. Bill H. Thrasher says:

    Keep up the good work, See you June 20,

    Bill H. Thrasher

  5. Margaret Payne says:

    Is the December 2012 newsletter on your site and I just couldn’t find it? If it is not available on the web, how may I obtain a copy of it. I’m particularly interested in the article on Benjamin and Sarah White Thrasher (Part 1).

  6. Marian Smith says:

    I am wondering where I can read copies of the Dec 2011 and Dec 2012 TFA Newsletter. I am trying to sort out some family history. Thank you.

  7. Alex says:

    is this still ongoing?

  8. Leigh says:

    I LOVE the site. My grandmother was a Thrasher. I was wondering what source did you use when finding out Benedict Randall Thrasher’s information? I have found conflicting information so I wanted to compare sources if you are willing to help out a fellow cousin. 🙂

    • Leigh says:

      Please excuse the first post. I should have read a little more and I would have seen it. I think I am so addicted and seeing so many dates, names and places, they are all rolling into one. I love the site and I am hoping to join soon, though I don’t think I could make it to the reunions as I am in Florida. But who knows, maybe.

      • Nancy Cherry says:

        Leigh, please send me your e-mail address. You can reach me as Several of us are trying to tease out the Benedict Randall Thrasher family, and information on current descendants would be a great help.

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