3 Responses to Markers

  1. Ms. Travis Thrasher Petty says:

    I was born & raised in Atlanta & until I started tracing my roots I never realized what the marker said even thow I have probably passed it a hundred times . Funny what we miss just because we don’t

  2. Stacy Grubbs-Wade says:

    My great-great-great grandmother was Harriet Charity Thrasher Pinson, wife of James G. Pinson. I have just found out this information. They lived in Saline Arkansas. Any relation to your group?

  3. Tiffany Thrasher says:

    I have quite a few Thrasher pictures. Just don’t know who most of the people in them are. I’m descendant of Charles Edward Thrasher and Avis R. Thrasher.

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