Jim Moule’s Research on Maryland Thrashers

JimMoule My name is Jim Moule, and I am an active member of the Thrasher Family Association. My hobby (addiction?) is tracing all the persons born with the surname Thrasher who are descendants of Benjamin Thrasher who died in Prince Georges County, Maryland in ca 1740 and also to document the evidence for same.  Nancy Thrasher Cherry regards my Ball Ancestry as by far the most complete Mid Atlantic Thrasher data base. This data base presently contains 7,925 people, 1,963 of whom were born with the surname Thrasher (including a handful of descendants who changed the spelling of the name to Thresher.)

At the recent Thrasher Family Association reunion, it was suggested that we add a link to my data base to the Thrasher Family Association website.  Here it is:


Hint number 1:  There are a lot of Thrashers in here.  If you want to find someone named Thrasher in the index, it is usually much easier to look for the person’s wife or husband if known.

Hint number 2: Information is shown two ways.  A Person Sheet shows the name of the person and what is known about him and his spouse.  A Family Card shows a person, his spouse, his children, and his parents.  If you are looking at a Person Sheet, go to the bottom of the page and click on Family Card to see the Family Card.  If you are looking at a Family Card, a) click on parents or children to see their Family Card, or b) click on a husband or wife to show their Person Sheet.  It all sounds complicated but it becomes intuitive with practice.

As an example, the Person Sheet for the original Benjamin Thrasher is at:


The Family Card for Benjamin is at: