Jesus, the Early Years

JesusOur own TFA member, Ken Southerland, has published his book! 

 In Jesus, the Early Years, author Ken Sutherland brings alive the chaotic world of the beginning of the Christian era. This fictional account explains how a carpenter’s son acquired such an understanding of the Jewish scriptures. This narrative answers many of the questions surrounding the story of Jesus and his family. How did Mary and Joseph, raised about ninety miles apart, meet? How did Jesus receive his education? Where did he obtain access to scrolls? Where did he spend his childhood? Who were the Magi and what drove them to travel hundreds of miles across the desert to Bethlehem? Which city in the world had the largest population of Jews? Filled with both historical and fictional accounts to suggest answers to these and many more questions, Jesus, the Early Years, describes the tumultuous and unstable world of the Middle East under Roman rule and how Jesus and his fellow Jews lived during that time.

Ken has a website, where you can order a book or you can order directly from