104 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA

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3 Responses to Thrasherville

  1. Jacqueline Marie Thrasher Nave says:

    Hello, My name is Jacqueline Thrasher Nave. I was born in Birmingham Alabama to Troy Shedrick Thrasher and Helen Thrasher in 1957. I have just recently started investigating my family tree and have found that my Thrasher ancestors run deep in the south and south east dating back to the 1600’s when the Thrasher’s of record first came to Virginia from England. My grandfathers name was Shadrick Evans Thrasher and I am very proud to also know that I am a descendent of John Emerson “Bud” Thrasher.

  2. franklin A. Davis says:

    My name is Franklin A. Davis, my Great Great Grandfather was John Thrasher. John had a daughter named Sweetie Thrasher. Sweetie had a daughter named Ruth Kinney from Moskogee,OK. Ruth had 7 children. My Father was Franklin Thomas Davis -SF,CA was the 2nd oldest male and my mother was Juanita Jones of Halls,TN who moved to SF,CA in 1960. I recently found out about John Thrasher from a family reunion in Oklahoma in June 2016 where an entire Thrasher tree was on display. Sweetie had 4 children.(3 girls,1boy). I currently reside in Oakland,CA i was born in SF,CA in 1965. Currently, i am married with 3 children. I can be reached by ph# at 510-301-6700.

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